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Shadeed  Muhammad

Imam of Rawdah Islamic Center 

Shadeed Muhammad is a graduate from the prestigious Islamic University of Medinah in Saudi Arabia. He graduated in 2007 with a bachelor’s degree from the College of Hadeeth with a concentration in Hadeeth Sciences (Prophetic Traditions). He also holds an equivalent degree in the Arabic Language from the same University. 

Since graduating, Imam Shadeed Muhammad has been involved in Islamic education and outreach on multiple levels using a multitude of platforms. He has lectured at many Mosques/Islamic Centers, colleges and universities throughout America and abroad using classical Islamic teachings infused with a cultural context that appeals to Muslims across a multitude of spectrums and cultures. 

In addition, Imam Shadeed established his own publishing company Rawdah Publications LLC. and has authored a total of eight books to date. He has a production company under the same name (Rawdah Productions LLC) that has produced an online talk show called ‘The Mardiyah Show’ which tackles many contemporary issues in the American Islamic Community.

Currently Imam Shadeed is the Imam of Rawdah Islamic Center of Delaware. He conducts a series of private online courses that blends Islamic teaching with social psychology which tackles many contemporary issues within the American Muslim diaspora. Imam Shadeed’s lectures can be found on his YouTube channel (Shadeed Muhammad) as well as his daily Islamic posts which can be found on his Facebook page Shadeed Muhammad/Rawdah Admin in addition to his Instagram and Twitter pages.

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