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Change is an inevitable part of the human experience despite our best efforts to circumvent it. Human beings are creatures of habit who create comfort zones where then change will have little to no impact on the convenience of their lives. However, these comfort zones tend to impede the process of personal growth and development necessary to produce higher levels of spiritual consciousness that healed real change both internally and externity.

There is no doubt that women make up the majority of those who convert to Islam in the west today. And by virtue of this fact, it is imperative that information regarding the challenges they face upon their conversation to Islam is readily available. The paradox of change focuses on some of the obstacles facing new female converts, many of which haveare not uncommon so the female companions of the prophet Muhammad during the early period of a slam. The Sahabiyaat met these challenges with uncompromising faith

and complete reliance on Allah while defying the status quo of pre-Islamic Arabia that depicted women as inferior.

The Paradox of Change

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